2020 Fellowship Cohort

Samia Alkam

Fellow for California Community College Chancellor's Office


"As someone who will soon pursue a Ph.D. in Education Policy, my internship with the community colleges strengthened my understanding of higher education administration in California. I gained a stronger understanding of educational institutions and how they operate, which will better inform my future research. I am grateful I was able to have this opportunity!"

Dyanna Castañeda

Fellow for California Secretary of State


"Though challenging, interning as an executive fellow for the CA Secretary of State's office was a wonderfully immersive experience into local politics that I've never had before. Working with the team that made the 2020 Presidential Elections possible was incredibly inspiring and increased my appreciation for the hard work that goes into the executive branch of government."

Natalie Ikhrata

 Fellow for Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development


"My experience at GO-Biz taught me about the importance of prioritizing jobs that emphasize the quality of life and equity. As a future urban planner, this experience taught me so much about the importance of all levels of government working together toward the greater good of all Californians."

Rose Vartouhi Kevranian

Fellow at League of California Cities


"I was able to work on many projects during this fellowship and it allowed me to gain skill sets that I didn't have before. Also, it gave me the opportunity to work with an amazing team. I was able to write my first published piece of work and created videos that thousands of people were able to see. "

Paola Loera

Fellow at American Lung Association


"Interning virtually in Sacramento with the (ALA) taught me that enacting change and influencing policy are arenas in which all can engage in, no matter the distance. All one needs is to be passionate and persistent."

Jade Magaña

Fellow at California Forward


"My internship site taught me how to help others reach their California dream through policies that balance social equity, environmental sustainability, and economic opportunity. "

Ashley Ponce

Fellow for Mayor of San Marcos 


"Although COVID-19 turned my fellowship into a virtual one, I was able to intern with the Mayor of San Marcos and gain a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the state and city officials."

Keshanna Wiley

Fellow for the Office of Assemblymember Eloise Reyes


"The Loveridge Fellowship ignited my passion for pursuing a career that would allow me to serve as an advocate and representative for disadvantaged/underserved communities."

Natalie Zoma

Fellow at CALCOG


"CALCOG and The Loveridge Fellowship further cemented my aspirations of working in the public sector of housing and transportation. Being able to experience the great depths that California regions go through to communicate amongst each other was something I was completely unaware of. Not only did Loveridge help me and my colleagues further our experience but he constantly reinforced us with motivation and a sense of community by making us as a group. It was comforting to go through this fellowship with an amazing group of like-minded colleagues who I wouldn't be able to experience outside of this fellowship.