2019 Fellowship Cohort

Ayesha Abbasi

"Sacramento has taught me a great deal about how to be an effective advocate while navigating the legislative process. Most importantly it has shown me that my personal experiences and grass-roots values are respected here."  

Fellow at Community College League of California

Mariam Alkhalili


Fellow at Governors Office of Planning and Research

David Angel

"The Loveridge Fellowship allowed me to get a unique perspective by placing me in a Statewide office which helped me to gain a deeper understanding of government and the policymaking process"

Fellow for Secretary of State

Therresa Austin

"The Loveridge Fellowship has granted me a renewed appreciation for the work of legislators and their staff. The actions taken in Sacramento truly make an immeasurable impact on the lives of all Californians."

Fellow for Senator Richard Roth

Kyla Foreman

"The Loveridge Fellowship empowered me with the knowledge and mentorship to pursue my passion for creating a more responsive government dedicated to investing in the well-being of traditionally undeserved communities.

Fellow at the Speaker Rendon's Office

Natalia Garcia

“My opportunity as a Loveridge Fellow in Assemblymember Reyes’s Capitol Office reaffirmed my passion to duly serve the public and affect progress to benefit all of California.”

Fellow for Assemblymember Reyes

Joanna Mai
Grad Profile Picture.jpg

"Sacramento is where you want to be if you care about the environment! Watching our state government fight back against federal rollbacks on environmental protection makes me proud."

Fellow for the American Lung


Andrea Marea

""It is because of the Loveridge Fellowship that I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the public services provided by all 58 counties across California."

Fellow at California State Association

of Counties

Isis Orellana

"Being surrounded by likeminded individuals who were both encouraging and inspiring allowed me to build capacity while learning new skills. Don’t be afraid the worst you can get is a no!"

Fellow for Governors Census Office

Alma Ramos

“Sacramento has given me new perspectives on the law and the governmental policies behind it. The Loveridge Fellowship has truly helped me advance my professional career and personal ambition."

Fellow for California State Parks 

Andreas Rauch

“My time in Sacramento has reinforced my belief in the necessity and relevance of good government, and the faith that our state will continue to lead the nation to a more prosperous future.”

Fellow for Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis

Melissa Sagun

""Out of all of my college endeavors, the Loveridge Fellowship has
given me one of the biggest opportunities to build my knowledge on the legislative process and state government."

Fellow for Assemblymember Medina

Michael Seley
Michael Trinh Seley.jpg

""The Loveridge Fellowship taught me valuable information about California politics and local governance. It helped inspire my desire to return to Sacramento to continue a career in state service."

Fellow for League of California Cities

Leslie Sanchez Valenzuela
Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 11.12.23 PM.pn

"“Having the opportunity to work with water quality policies made me realize my strong passion for environmental issues and to be an advocate for safe drinking water for California”

California Association of Sanitation