2018 Fellowship Cohort

Daissy Arteaga

Fellow for California State Parks 

Image by Joanna Kosinska


Taylor Brown

Fellow at California State Association of Counties


"I was placed at the California State Association of Counties where I was able to learn about the various challenges counties face across the state and how they work to overcome them."

Daniel Castaneda

Fellow for Speaker Rendon's Office

Daniel Castaneda.jpg

"As a Loveridge Fellow, I learned that the Assembly has dedicated resources to developing relationships internationally. Being in Sacramento reaffirmed my belief that our state is providing an example for the nation."

Jennely Diego

Fellow at League of California Cities


"Fellowing for the League Of California cities showed me what it was to be part of a team. “Fight for a cause bigger than yourself” and you’ll always have a reason to keep pushing forward."

Meena Kaypour

Fellow for Assemblymember Medina

Meena Kaypour.jpg

"Watching policy unfold and actively working to implement better laws motivated me to think critically about the ways I can use those same values for my own legal career."

Brooke Norton

Fellow for Senator RIchard Roth

Brooke Norton .jpg

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Juliana Park

Fellow for Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom


"“The Loveridge Fellowship pipelined my career and service to the State of California. My first job out of college was and is still with the State Assembly and I am grateful to the Office of the 49th Lieutenant Governor and Dr. Loveridge.”

Joseph Parsons

Fellow for California Forward

Joe Parsons (1).jpg

"My 2018 Ronald Loveridge Fellow experience was truly an unforgettable experience. I learned what needs to be done as a collective throughout the entirety of California from local to state level."

Mark Sebarrotin

Fellow at the Speaker Rendon's Office

Mark Sebarrotin.jpg

"I have grown more confident in myself, my abilities, and my worth. As a Fellow, I witnessed more than process and politics; I saw a California far beyond the tune and tempo of the nation."

Marlene Tapias

Fellow for Secretary of State Alex Padilla

Image by Joanna Kosinska


Eileen Tovar

Fellow for American Lung Association


"Participating in the Loveridge Summer Fellowship Program gave me the opportunity to advocate for legislations that would improve air quality in CA. By the end of the program, I had a deeper understanding of the legislative process and developed the skills needed to plan a successful advocacy day. I am extremely grateful for Professor Loveridge and this fellowship program"